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Farm wife on vacation.

SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Show Me Your Wife: Wife Stories: Farm wife on vacation.
By Watcher on Saturday, June 10, 2006 - 3:31 pm: Edit Post

Well it had been quite a long time since I took my wild little nudist wife off of the farm for a trip so last week when I told her to pack she was all smiles. Of course we stay in our 5th wheel camper and I hooked it up while she grabbed clothes and food. An hour later we were on the way and sang to the radio and she drank a few beers.

I love spur of the moment trips like these and when we got to the lake I was lucky enough to pull up to a very fun campground with a beach, resturant and large bar. It even had a bar on the beach like ocean resorts do. It took about 30 minutes to set up and for her to put on her string thong underwear that she calls a swim suit. Off we walked to the water and to get a few drinks.

Since it was Wednesday afternoon the crowd was mostly locals. With my sweet little wife's ass out in the Open and her 34-E tits pulling the strings of the tiny triangle top to the max we met a group of local men in just a few minutes. I love watching them freak out at how she could care less who sees her nakedness and they were quick to invite us to their house to party later on.

One older man in his early 60's stood pretty tall and was slim with a dark tan. He was extremely interrested in looking at my hot little wife and she was having fun playing with the older guy. He invited her over to see his new motorhome and I watched her ass swaying from side to side as they walked down the black top street to his place.

The thong is like a black string that layes in the valley of her sweet ass cheeks. As she gets horny she walks with a big swish to her ass and the string was already drenched in her fluids. Her shaved body was what everyone at the outside bar was looking at as they walked away. I could hear a few women making comments about her nearly naked body and I laughed with the other guys when thay asked me how I could let my sexy big titted girl go with another man when she was nearly naked and so honry acting.

Well we talked to other girls and women and joked around for over an hour before my sexy wife came back. She was a complete mess but her eyes were so wide I knew I was in for a hot story. The guys all gave her trouble for going with the old man. She ordered a drink and one of the guys paid for it and she stood in the shade of the grass roof between them all. Every chance she got she pulled my hand to her pussy and made me finger her loose drenched hole. It was stretched out like she had done a horse!

She was so on fire she drank everything the guys bought and soon was not just horny but drunk to! She was so horny she was out of control and told one of the guys she had just fucked the biggest dick she had ever had. He said who, James? My drunk almost naked wife said, yeap! The guys fell backwards laughing and it made her mad so she said what, you don't believe we has a big dick.

She turned around bent over and pulled her tight cheeks as wide as they would go. The black string had cum hanging from it and her pussy was so loose it gaped open so that we could see 7 or 8 inches deep into her! The guys all pointed at her and some others from the bar noticed what was going on. I pulled her upright and said to them we had better get out of public and they agreed. We, all 7 of us walked the road to one of their houses. It must have been almost a mile and my horny wife took off her top and then the thong as soon as we walked away from the bar. I took her strings and put them in my pocket and the guys all took turns fingering her loose pussy and squeezing her heavy tits.

They had a few drinks at the house but not enough so one of the guys drove me to the store and we bought some beer and rum. It was a quick trip but buy the time we were back my honry wife had already fucked two of the guys. This was still in the early evening and the sun was up high. After a few shots and more beer the guys were using her tits as a shot glass and was drinking beer, schnapps, rum and what ever else they could find out of her clevage and even held her up with her feet and used her loose pussy with a straw and did beer shots.

I just watched till I was to drunk to stay awake. Because I was asleep so early I woke up early to. The sun was just comming up. There was only one other guy in the house and he woke when he heard me. He grabbed a coke and gave me one as he said he was going to take me to the boat. He said he would drive me to our camper and get some swim trunks. We pulled up to a big boat dock and got on a wave runner. I held on tight as he ran the thing like crazy out into the lake and around a few small coves to a larger one.

We pulled up to an older houseboat but it was big. The first thing I was was my wife asleep on the front deck still naked with one guy spooning her from behind. They were passed out but his big dick was still plugged into her pussy between her legs. I starred as the other guy walked into the boat. The dick in my wife's used pussy was long and black. The guy was very dark skinned and each time the boat rocked in the waves his cock would shove in her an inch and then pull back out.

She would kind of hump her ass back a little and his cock would slide in a little and then she would relax and it slid back out some. There was absoulutly no resistance from her pussy, it was completely loose and worn out. Her ass hole was swollen out and kind of gaping even with his cock in her pussy so the guys had been using that hole to.

The sun was up and it was already very hot outside. My slutty wife's long red hair was stuck to her from cum, sweat and all of of the sticky drinks poured on her all night. The guy that owned the boat was pretty out of it but he slapped my hand and told me he had never seen a hot piece of ass like my wife's that could fuck so many times in one night.

We sat and listened to the stereo for a while and one guy made a piture of bloody marys. To my surprise they were good! We talked about stuff, surprisingly not sex? I could see my wife's ass through the front glass door and once in a while the black cock in her pussy would push all the way into her and she would ram her ass back on it hard then fall back to sleep.

There was guys asleep all over the boat, some in the boat, some on the boats roof. All of them naked like my wife. They must have belonged to some kind of long dick club because not one was under 7 inches soft. After a while I saw a guy I had never met before slowly walk onto the front of the boat with his cock about half hard. It was a good 9 inches hanging.

He laid down on the deck in front on my wife and he started playing with her nipples. She opened her eyes and he moved his cock to her mouth. Without hesitation she pulled it in and started licking and sucking him off. The guy from behind woke up and his cock began swelling in her pussy. It looked like it was going to explode it got so hard.

He pumped the huge black cock into her and she began moaning so loud we all started watching. The black guy was so hard his cock moved her forward each time he humped her and she gagged a little on the white cock in her mouth. The black cock started cumming into her pussy and she reached down so she could feel the cum pulsing into her. Just then the white cock pulled out and his shot so powerfully that it went way over her head and sprayed the white painted wall of the boat.

Some of the last few squirts landed on her head and chest. The guy next to the piture of drinks poured her one and took it out to her, she didn't even know I was there yet. They helped hr off of the floor and she stood by the railing looking into the water as she sipped the cold drink. Her hot ass was covered in slap marks and her tits were puffy like they were well abused. Her always wet and used pussy was more used than I had seen it in a long time.

In the morning sun cum was falling from it making long strings flowing in the air from her gaping pussy. I was watching her ass muscles kind of pulsate and her pussy was doing the same when she let go with a huge gush of pee! I see her do it at the farm every day but not on someones houseboat. No one said a word as the river gushed down her legs onto the deck.

The few stings of her long red hair that wasn't glued to her skin flowed in the air. I was about to go out and feel how well used her body was when two guys from up on the top jumped off and splashed in front of her.

Their dicks looked like they were already hard. Well that was all she needed and she jumped in with them. There was lots of laughing out side and I stood up to look out of the window. My wife was climbing onto a waverunner and was laying face down on the long red seat with her legs open wide.

One of the guys pulled himself onto the back and held her legs as far apart as they would go and shoved his cock into her all the way in one push. I watched as she yelled for him to fuck her hard and he did. He fucked her hard banging the waverunner into the big boat with each hump. Soon he came in her pussy then another guy traded places till she had fucked all three in the water.

The guys were amazed at how she let them play with her. I said if they were to rough she would let them know and the fun was on. The most fun was a small bouy with a rope on it. It took her 20 minutes of sitting on it before it finally slid all the way into her pussy. The guys pulled her around on the outside deck with the rope all evening.

There is more.

By Cpig on Monday, June 12, 2006 - 7:50 am: Edit Post

You're a lucky guy to have such a hot wife. She sure had a nice holiday.

By Seabat56 on Monday, June 12, 2006 - 5:54 pm: Edit Post

Great Wife u got there, Sure like to see some pics and lets not forget her bouy ride. All the best and keep the FUN going.

By Iarodeo57 on Tuesday, June 20, 2006 - 5:53 pm: Edit Post

WOW that was hot and amazing... agree, would love to see any pics of this vacation. wishing i would have been on vacation with you as well. DAMN.

By Watcher on Sunday, June 25, 2006 - 11:50 pm: Edit Post

The guys all were having fun teasing her and calling her their slut puppy as they pulled and tugged on her pussy with the long rope. The bouy was made of a foam with a coating of shiny red slick rubber. It was much bigger around than a beer can and three times as long. The only way she got the thing in her pussy was because she was very stretched out from all of her farm fucking and slick with cum. The foam rubber bouy was soft enough to push in and expanded back out inside her so it was wedged into her very tight.

We could see her belly push out from the force of the bouy in her pussy. The guys were using the rope to pull her everywhere. We were getting pretty tired by dark and some of the guys were passed out in the beds. My wife was on a lounge chair on the top deck with the bouy still deep in her stretched pussy asleep. She was on her stomach with one leg pulled up to her chest. The bouy was forcing out her pussy lips so that a little of the red was showing and the big knot in the rope was hanging out of her.

I was talking to one of the few guys still awake and he asked me just how my wild wife was able to force the big bouy into her pussy. I told him he should see her on the farm with our two stud horses. Finally after he got over that we all fell asleep. The next morning we all started getting up and I found my slut wife laying on the floor between two guys. One in her ass hole and she was holding the other next to her lips still asleep. The red bouy laying on the floor by the three.

The only pic out of the whole trip was this one. /image{nudist farm wife}

By Bo12002 on Saturday, July 08, 2006 - 9:29 pm: Edit Post

Great, hot story!!! You are a very lucky man to have such a hot, beautiful, big Titted slut for your wife. Your wife sounds like a fine cum bucket. Sounds like your wife fucks horses as well, very hot!!!!

By Watcher on Monday, March 16, 2015 - 8:29 pm: Edit Post

this is an update. We decided last summer that we had so much fun at the lake that we went there again. My little wife had been going to the gym a lot and her body was even better than the last time we were there. I set up the camper again and she had on a new thong swim suit made of silky blue material. she looked hot!

I was about done and she was putting out some chairs under the awning when a man even older than 60 came into our camp and introduced himself. He lived in his motorhome full time and asked if my wife would give him a tour of our 5th wheel. It was only a few weeks old at that time and we love showing off new things. The old fat man was wearing only swim trunks and was tan all over with lots of gray hair. He had a beer and so did my wife and they were laughing and joking around as he watched her ass going up the steps and into the camper.

I was finishing the stabilizer struts and could feel every step they took up in the camper. I was about to grab a beer and go in when I felt the camper moving in a very rhythmic way!!!!! What the heck, this guy must be nearly 70 I thought!! we had on the a/c so I couldn't hear what they were doing but there was no mistaking the shaking going on in the camper. It was Friday and the sun was a bit low by then and trees cast long shadows. I just leaned against the camper feeling the rocking and they were really getting it on!!

It was nearly 30 minutes when I heard them laughing in the camper and finally the door burst open with my wild wife stepping out in the thong and the strings were all messed up! the ties were not centered on her hips or back. I asked the old man what he thought of it and he said it was the prettiest one he had ever seen. my wife laughed way to loud at the comment! The old guy was not shy and then said oh you meant the camper, ha ha.

The crazy old guy and my slutty wife grabbed more beers and We chatted a bit with him boldly putting his hand on her hips ass and even helping to straighten her strings. Suddenly out of no were he took my wife's hand and said she had to meet his friends. they grabbed another beer and she looked over her shoulder at me grinning as they headed down the paved resort street. I wasn't going to let this go unseen so I grabbed a beer and went in the direction they did. I found them under the awning of a nice motorhome and charley was introducing my wife like she was his to two other older men. these guys were black and were also covered in gray hair. both had potbellies and Charley introduced her as the new girl on the block!

I was far enough back they didn't know I was watching. Ellen was shaking one of the old black men's hand and he pulled her up to him so that her big boobs were pressed against his fat belly. he complemented her on such a great figure and just leaned down and kissed her. she giggled but he didn't let go and his big lips covered her mouth completely. My crazy wife wrapped her arms around the old fat black man and they were in a deep kiss when Charley pulled at her strings and her suit fell to the ground.

The other man said damn, that is some hot white ass Charley where did you find her. By then the fat man had slipped his hands down cupping her ass and some were slipping in between her cheeks. My slut wife moved her feet farther apart letting the fingers get up into her deeper. Charley said that he just walked into our camp and there she was for the taking. the other black guy asked what about the husband and charley told him that Ellen said he was ok with what ever she did.

the fat guy slobbering all over my slut wife mouth took one hand and popped his swim suit string and it fell to his feet. out sprang a 10 inch cock and my wife grabbed it and gasp. he chuckled and told her to suck it. she was on it in a second. the other black man pulled off his shorts and pressed his cock at her pussy from behind. he was also long a fat but his belly was so big he had to pull it up to get his cock into her. she reached back and helped and there was my 40 year old wife being fucked by two 65 year old black men right out in public! They had her gasping for air and moaning out loudly as they fucked her from both ends. Her big tits were flopping around under her chest as the guys rammed their long black cocks into her and she was cumming hard. It took the two old guys 20 minutes before they came deep inside of her hot body. By then I needed a beer and ran back.

I waited a few minutes thinking she could come back but after half an hour I went to check on her. she was still naked under the fat black guys awning but now there were the two old black men, Charley, and some younger guys partying with my hot wife. She was dancing around to some music and would jump up on the picnic table and spread her legs so the guys could take turns fucking her ass then jump back down and dance more. It was crazy and I knew everyone in the camp gourd could see them because they had their porch light on!

I let her play and there wasn't more than ten minutes between fucks. they did it standing, bent over on the table and even sitting in a chair. I counted 9 times before I decided to go back and sit down and wait for her. I passed out at midnight and could heard them still laughing and partying. I woke up at daybreak and walked down the street to see what they were up to then. I found her asleep in a chair naked and her thong and bra top wee on the table. I grabbed her suit and tried to wake her. she moaned and thought someone was going to fuck her again and stuck out her pussy. She never fully woke up so I tied her suit on and helped her stumble to our camper.

It was noon before she got up but the crazy girl tore off for the guys first thing and I followed this time. the old guys were out grilling some burgers and were very glad to see Ellen walk up to their camp. The fat guys pulled her to their laps and grossly kissed her and stuck their hands into her suit fondling her pussy and tits. I joked to them and said well it looks like you guys have met my wife. they laughed and said hell yeah, she is a hot one isn't she.

They openly grabbed ass and tits and kissed her all afternoon. The younger men showed back up about 4pm and the first thing they did was rip off her suit and bend her over the table and fuck her. come to find out they were the old fat guys grandsons on summer break! the only privacy was a big tree and vehicles parked around hiding my slut from the street. Being so slutty and constantly fucked she walked around everywhere like it was nothing. Some woman walking down the street told Oscar to put his slut back in her box.

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