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Nice Kenworth, Nicer Driver

SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Show Me Your Wife: Wife Stories: Nice Kenworth, Nicer Driver
By Chiefdoc2 on Saturday, July 29, 2006 - 9:32 pm: Edit Post

Last week, the sweetie and I stayed at a motel in East Texas. Walked over to a station for some snacks. There were about 12 big rigs parked there and one, a beautiful, red, Kenworth. As we passed, I caught the driver's eye and gave him an 'OK' thumbs-up on his rig. He waved.

Honey was in a white button down shirt and black skirt. She is lovely, half black, half white with short raven hair and flashing, electric black eyes, a beautiful smile and adventurous spirit. We have flashed truckers many times on the highway and toured a cpl sleepers at rest stops.

On the way back from the store, the driver was still at the wheel doing paperwork. We walked over to his door we complimented his tractor. After a cpl minutes chat, he asked whether we would like a tour. YES! we both said.

Once in the cab and sleeper, the tour went well. The sleeper part was oversized and very comfy. I said, as though about to leave, "We would like to show our appreciation for the tour." I was behind Dee, reached around and opened her shirt revealing pretty, mid-sized breasts.

Ken, the driver (our name for him), looked and smiled. I told him it was ok to touch. He said, "Well, how does the lady feel about that?" She answered by taking his hands and placing them on her tits.

As he was looking and touching and admiring, I reached down and pulled her skirt up to her waist (no panties). I then asked him to cut the light. He did better, reaching over and drawing the drape to close off the sleeper from the outside world, turned on the little reading lamp over the bed and off went the big overhead light.

He then turned his attention to Dee's lovely bush and pussy. He kneeled down and was smelling, licking, and fingering her squishy cunt going like a starving man. We learned he was divorced and had not enjoyed a woman in months.

I told him to sit in the middle of the bed, on the edge. He did so and pulled Dee to him (still standing). He cupped her breasts and went right back to eating her delicious gash.

I stepped around and sat next to him on the bed so I could see all the action. Ken stopped, looked up at Dee and said, "Put your foot up on the edge." He went back to eating. Dee had a nice orgasm. Then Ken said, "Put both feet up please." This allowed him to really get into her with tongue and fingers. He fucked her with two fingers fast, slow, rotating, and gently probed for her G-spot. She came again, stronger.

I was enraptured. I took my dick out to give it some space. Dee stood back on the floor and asked Ken if she could see his dick. He had to stand to take it out. He did so and Dee's hand went right to it. She started jacking him slowly.

Ken had to sit back down. Dee knelt and reached for both out dicks. "Oh honey," she said to me, "After fantasizing about it for years, I now have two cocks in my hand at the same time!"

All I could do was say, "Enjoy sweetheart," She jacked us both ALMOST going down on me. Ken advised he was going to cum in a moment. Dee said, "Cum honey, let me see it."

Ken stopped Dee and, one hand on her tit, used the other hand to get a hand towel out of a small cabinet. He put it on his belly then put his fingers back into her. His tit hand came off and applied it to her sweet ass pulling her closer to him.

Ken was a gentleman all the way. He did not try to make her suck him. She told me later she wanted to suck me but it would not have been fair not to do him also and we have not done that yet.

She went back to jacking us both. I had just fucked her well an hour before so I was not close to cumming again, just had a woody that could drive a railroad spike!

As Ken leaned up to, again, suck Dee's tits, he groaned and let fly with a large load of silky, white semen. Dee jacked him slow for a minute as his cock shrank then put two fingers in the nice pool of cum feeling its smoothness.

She asked us to move apart more and sat between us where we both licked and sucked and kissed her tits. Ken put a finger in her pussy and I followed with a finger of my own! It was really cool each of us fingering her at the same time. She saw what we were doing then leaned back against the sleeper back wall, opened her legs wide and just enjoyed our attention.

Ken said, "My, that was great. Thank you. I want to taste you again, ok?"

"Please do," came my dove's reply. Ken got up, knealed on the floor between Dee's legs and buried his mouth in her bush. Dee got my dick again and pumped it fast while moaning her pleasure at Ken's mouth skills. She came again and about 60 seconds later, so did I. Leaning over a bit, I managed to shoot a bit on her thighs. I did not have much built up yet but there was enough for both her and Ken to enjoy touching.

After another cpl minutes coming down, we all got straightned up and said our good-bye words thanking each other for a lovely interlude. Ken was bound for Phoenix in the morning and we were headed west.

Back in the room, we giggled and hugged and relived the whole thing. After about 30 minutes, I just had to fuck her again and she was certainly ready. We slept like rocks and confessed to some soreness in the naughty parts on waking the next morning.

We lucked out with a very nice driver who treated Dee like a queen yet was all hungry man. He was most appreciative of us both, her for her body and actions, me for my permission and quietness.

It was a nice trip.


By Chopper on Sunday, July 30, 2006 - 6:40 am: Edit Post

Love the story.
We use to do that a lot traveling to FL.
Lets read more of these.

By Alana__bill on Tuesday, August 01, 2006 - 10:56 am: Edit Post

Great story. It reminded me of the time Bill shared me with his boss on a business trip. The difference for us was Bill was gentle & his boss was rough. That combination had me in a sexual frenzy all the time. Keep enjoying yourselves.

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