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swinging fun

SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend Show Me Your Wife: Wife Stories: swinging fun
By Needsingleguy on Sunday, June 29, 2008 - 1:12 am: Edit Post

My first Bi experience

At the time we were very new in swinging. Megan said she really was not comfortable with swinging, but would do it for me. There was no Internet and we met people by placing ads in the swinger magazines. We would get replies by mail, and when we would get a letter it was like Christmas. If she was home and got the mail she would call me at work and let me know we got mail. That was the end of my consitration for the day. Megan and I would open the letters together read them, and discuss if we should meet. Our ads requested couples and select singles. Although we had a few encounters we were not experience by any means. Megan was more comfortable with single guys than couples. One guy that wrote us stated that he had a 12 inch cock. Megan said that she doubted that she could handle 12 in. The picture he sent showed a very long, but thin cock. I told her she could handle it and after a little encouragement she decided that she would try.

You must understand that at this point we were very new to swinging. There were a few things that Megan would not do. One was sucked my cock or any other cock that had been in her pussy. She always wanted me to wash my cock, before she would suck it. Just one of her little quirks that she will sometimes do to this day.

Well, the big evening came, the guy (Frank) showed up at our house, we had drinks and talked for while until the subject turned to sex. We of course talked about what we liked an expected, and he was a gentleman and understood that we were very new and apprehensive. Frank excused himself to go to the bathroom and I asked Megan what she thought. She was a little hesitant . she stated he wasn't the best looking guy in the world, but if I wanted her to, we could continue on. She was putting it on me, which is OK, but I knew she was curious about that 12 in. cock. After he returned we decided to play cards. Just a way to break the ice. The cards turned into strip poker, and of course soon Megan was topless with those great tits being showed off in front of our guest. After a few more hands both Frank and I were down to our underwear and Megan was totally nude. My cock was hard as a rock, and I can tell by the bulge in the front of Frank's underwear that he was more than ready to go forward. Megan lost the next hand, and I won. She said she should be allowed to put something back on because she lost. I said that she needed to pay the consequences of losing by doing what the winner requests. Of course I told her to suck Frank's cock. Oh what a site to see my wife taking hold of a 12 in. cock and licking and sucking it. Now, you might think I'm exaggerating 12 in. but it's really was 12 in. or more. Very thin, but long. Well, as things progressed we went to the bedroom. Once on the bed . I sucked one of Megan's tits, while Frank suck the other one. My hand slid down to touch her pussy and I found Frank already fingering her wet pussy. Megan was enjoying every minute of it. Soon things progressed and I of course insisted on guests first. Things were a little tense, but Frank moved between Megan's legs and slid his cock into her wet pussy. I watched as my wife fucked this stranger's cock while I sucked on her tits and whispering in her ear how wonderful she looked and how turned on I was watching her get fucked. Soon she was cuming hard and long. His cock was disappearing all the way into her pussy deeper than any cock had ever been. It wasn't long before I could tell he was ready to cum. (before aids) He looks at us, not sure what to do. I whispered in Megan ear, asking what she wanted. She said she wanted his cum deep inside her, she wanted him to fuck her deep and hard. She was truly enjoying the experience, and maybe for the first time really getting into being a hot wife. I was enjoying every minute and couldn't wait to take my turn in her cum drenched pussy. Frank pulled out and laid next to her, as I climbed between her legs. I could feel the wetness of his cum deep in her pussy as my cock moved in and out of that wonderfully fucked pussy. Frank recovered quickly, and now was sucking on Megan's tits. I wanted to see that big cock in her pussy again and just thinking about it had me hot. As we kiss, I told Megan to suck on his cock. She said that it had been in her and she couldn't do it. I encouraged her, but she was very hesitant. She told hem to go wash his cock and I told her to just suck it. She gave in and said OK. While I'm fucking her she is sucking Frank's cock. This was great . I'm watching her suck a cock, while fucking a cum filled pussy. What a turn on, what a night. I said to her, "see it's not so bad to suck a cock full of pussy juice. How does it tastes?" She took it out of her mouth's and said," not bad taste it! " Well I wasn't quite ready for that. I wasn't going to suck a cock. Then my mind started working, if I don't our swinging days are over. She will never agree to it again. What should I do? Her mouth was on one side of Frank's cock so I put my mouth on the other side, kissing her while having his cock between us. It was like lightning, going from my lips, all the way to my toes. I couldn't believe it. Here I was fucking my wife's pussy full of a stranger's cum and now I'm helping her suck his cock and it wasn't so bad. Megan then took his cock in her hand and place it at my lips for me totally suck. Of course I did and it was exciting to feel the smooth skin of his cock head in my mouth. By then Frank was hard as a rock, so I pulled out to let him fuck her pussy again. They change positions, and he fuck her doggie style while she suck my cock. finally, he came in her again. They both collapsed on the bed, and I decided to take it one step further and eat the cum out of Megan's pussy. At that point in time I was a crazed sex maniac and would have done anything she had told me to do. I soon was fucking her again and came deep in her pussy adding my load to an already cum filled pussy. The evening ended and Frank went on his way. Later talking to him I found out, this was his first bi experience as it was mine. He went on to experience more as did I.It was a long time before I sucked another cock but I did eat a few cream pies and eventually found a cock to share again. That was the start of our swinging adventures and the bi

By Johnfromfl on Sunday, June 29, 2008 - 8:34 am: Edit Post

Great Story....Where are you????? Would love to hear more even in e-mail.

By Formula61 on Sunday, July 13, 2008 - 10:43 am: Edit Post

Loved reading your story, I remember well the days of placing ads on magazines, some of them one had to send the letters to the mags, and it gave the advertisers the option of being safe when answering the letters, seems like a thousand yrs ago, he he he!

By Jerwilliker on Friday, December 12, 2008 - 8:49 pm: Edit Post

good story!

By Lucy_labtec on Thursday, February 05, 2009 - 9:48 am: Edit Post


By Lgateways on Saturday, December 05, 2009 - 3:32 pm: Edit Post

one never knows what going to happen during hot sex. Im NOT gay but might try the same.

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