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Welcome to this discussion board! This document gives you the basic knowledge that you need to use this board effectively. If you experience any difficulties with the board, please contact a moderator.

Reading Discussions

Anyone with WWW access can read discussions on this board. To read discussions, navigate to the discussion of interest by single clicking on the links from the list of topics and subtopics. You can navigate backwards using the navigation bars at the top of each page.

Contributing to Discussions

To post a message to an existing discussion, fill in the "Add a Message" box at the bottom of the page. You may use formatting codes or basic HTML tags to improve the appearance of your post. At the discretion of the moderators, the discussion may allow public posting or may require a user account (username and password). Follow the instructions on the form to supply the necessary credentials for posting.

Where available, you may click on a "Create New Conversation" button to start a new discussion. This will add a subtopic with the subject you specify and start a conversation with the initial message that you specify. After filling in the subject line, post a message as described above.

Getting an Account

Having a user account on this discussion board gives the following benefits:

To obtain a user account, go to the User Registration screen.

Where to get further information

For additional information on using this system, read the Formatting document and the Troubleshooting document. If you have additional questions or concerns, post them to an appropriate area on the discussion forum, or contact one of the moderators or the board administrator from the contact page.

Rules and "Netiquette"

When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. It's fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike, and that's where the fun is! Also, note that messages express the thoughts of the writers, not the board or its moderators.

1 Please submit good digital quality pictures only
2 All submissions are your own personal property and you are the rightful owner of such material.
3 By submitting pictures or posting on this site you are granting Show Me Your a license to show/post your pictures anywhere within this site or sister sites.( sister sites..i.e
4 There are no copyrights on the material you are submitting. (Meaning they are your pictures, not someone else's)
5 You are freely allowing the publishing and distribution of said material by any means whatsoever. (in other words, we can show them on the Internet)
6 You agree to absolve and hold harmless and/or its associates from any liability whatsoever resulting from, but not limited to, the distribution and display of said material.
7 We reserve the right to edit/publish any pictures submitted to the site. ( In other words...we can delete the picture, or place it in a different section)
8  Although we allow pictures of actual intercourse and of consumer bought sex toys we don't allow pictures of any other implement being inserted, also, when posting, the thread should not be wholly consumed by hardcore pictures, a mix of hard and soft is looked on more favourably. The administrators do not want to stop people from enjoying themselves but wish the site to be used by a wide cross section of people
9 You must state if you do NOT wish your email address published. Our Policy is to show ALL email addresses unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.
10 You can post as many pictures here that you want, but we limit the number of new threads you can start to THREE PER DAY per Single or Couple. Please wait, couple of weeks before reposting a picture
11 All persons appearing in any submission are at least 18/21 years of age! NO KIDS
12 Any very poor quality pictures, edited pictures that are poor quality or pictures with text embedded with URLS , will be removed.(Email addresses on pictures are allowed) This applies to ALL pictures submitted regardless of who/where they are from.
13 No Water sports or "fisting" pictures or anything that we consider extreme....we will simply delete them and place you on our mail filter.
14 We take picture theft seriously and all pictures are posted in good faith. If you see fake pictures here then mail us and we will remove them immediately. If we believe a contribution is a fake we will not publish them
15 We will only remove pictures from our site if we are given a GOOD reason. If you are unsure then do NOT submit your pics.
16 By posting your email address you are likely to receive spam and/or viruses sent to your mail box so ensure you are prepared for this. We accept no liability whatsoever for this and we have NO control over this.
17  No advertising of any kind ( URL, soliciting, etc.....)
18 If you have your own site and you are an amateur web-girl, please post in the appropriate section, if you want us to show a link to your site then we require a link back....please state the location of our link...we will check this BEFORE or just delete your pics, if not found.
19 Here are some examples of prohibited subject matter & material:
  1.  Posting of URL's .ICQ numbers, telephone #
  2. Child pornography, bestiality
  3. Advertisements
  4. Advertising an email address, that is different then the one you registered with
  5. Commercial photographs
  6. Bathroom pics ( depicting bodily functions)
  7. Posting too many extreme threads
  8. Guys-posting their picture in the wife & couple section/Guys-do not post your pictures unless their is a women in the same pic.
  9. Harassment, bad or rude comments will be deleted and get you banned for good , from posting

Violations of these will get you BANNED, no exceptions, please stay with in the boards guidelines.

20 We, do not sell your pictures to anyone, your pictures are your property , licensed to us, to show/post your pictures anywhere within this site or sister sites.( sister sites..i.e
21 Do not start a thread with a request , for a post, threads must be started with a picture.
22 No solo guy  monitor pictures posted , in the Wives and Couples Section-,please post these in the guy section.
By emailing/uploading my photographs to  I hereby give Show Me Your my unconditional and irrevocable permission to use, and publish any photographs of me/my work, accompanied by whatever personal details which I supply for publication. I hereby waive all rights to compensation for these photographs regardless of how they are displayed. I also waive any right to inspect or approve the manner in which my photographs or accompanying material may be edited or altered for final appearance in any form. I release Show Me Your from all legal claims that may come about as a result of the publishing of my photos. I hereby state that I am not bound by contract to any other organization or photographer and fully understand and comply with the way my photographs will be utilized. I and/or the person depicted in these photographs am/are at least 18 years of age and am legally, mentally and otherwise fully competent to enter into this contract in my own name. I have read this photograph release form and fully understand and agree to its contents. I have not been induced or coerced in any way into consenting to this release other than with the promises and representations made within. I also state that the images I am contributing are not protected by copyright, trademark or other similar laws.

If you have any questions regarding the Rules and/or Guidelines, please e-mail the Webmaster.

Violations of the rules will cause you to be BANNED, please follow the rules.

You must be 18 years old to enter the posting area, no exceptions




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