AC/DC individual who participates in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships
AMERICAN CULTURE good, old-fashioned cock-in-cunt
ANALINGUS licking or sucking the anus
BBW big, beautiful women; full-figured females
BISEXUAL will swing with members of either sex; most popular with females
AC/DC individual who participates in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships
BD bondage and discipline; use of chains, ropes, handcuffs, etc. by a dominant Master/Mistress to hold his/her submissive
BYOB one must provide the alcoholic beverage of choice; "bring your own bottle"
CAN ENTERTAIN can have couples or singles for partying in one's own home
CBT cock-n-ball torture
CLOSED SWINGING sexual activity with couple is limited to the use of seperate rooms
COUPLES ONLY no admittance of single individuals; however, usually refers to single males
CROSSDRESSER refers to a person who receives sexual gratification by wearing clothes of the oppostie sex, and not necessarily homosexual
CUNNILINGUS oral stimulation of the vagina and/or clitoris
DDF drug and disease free
DISCIPLINE corrective training performed by a dominant to a submissive person
DOMESTIC TRAINING submissive obedience to chores of both an intimate and sometimes humiliating nature
DP deep penetration
DWM divorced, white male
ENGLISH CULTURE interest in whipping/spanking; also known as caning
EXHIBITIONISM the enjoyment of being watched by others while performing sexual acts
FATTIES term refers to individuals who are overweight
FELLATIO oral stimulation performed on the male penis
FETISH arousal of sexual instincts through the use of non-sexual objects or non-genital anatomy as a stimulant
FLASHING to openly display or flaunt one's nudity (partial or fully exposed) in public
FRENCH oral sex
FULL SWAP couples who exchange partners while participating in sexual activities
GANG BANG multiple, sexual penetration of a female with muliple, male partners
GERMAN CULTURE erotic acts characterized by the stern disciplining of one partner by the other
GIRL/GIRL ACTION bisexual female activities; oral sex and/or the use of dildos to bring sexual fulfillment to each female partner
GOLDEN SHOWERS when one person urinates on another
GREEK anal penetration; also known as sodomy
HEAD oral sex
HEDONIST a person dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain
HWP height/weight proportionate
KINKY interest in alternative, sexual activities; generally refers to SM/BD or leather/fetish lifestyles
LEATHER associated with BD/SM; use of leather clothing and/or accessories as a sexual stimulant
MENAGE A TROIS sexual encounters involving three people
MIXED COUPLE refers to partners or spouses of different races and/or cultures
OFF-PREMISE no swinging; arrangements are made to party elsewhere
ON-PREMISE private and open areas are available for swinging activities
OPEN SWINGING sexual activities with couples and/or singles participating in the same room
ORGY sexual interaction with complete abscence of inhibition and everyone taking part
RESTRAINT any restriction of movement designed to remove one person's control over what transpires in a sexual interaction
ROMAN sexual orgy; sexual interaction with complete abscence of inhibition; everyone taking part
SM adism and masochism
SAFE naturally or surgically sterile
SAFE SEX use of condoms during sexual activity
SHAVED hair removal in the genital area; popular with both sexes
SOFT SWING couples who enjoy having sex with their mate in the presence of others but do not swap
STRAIGHT heterosexual
SUBMISSIVE passive; wants to be dominated, usually by a member of the opposite sex
SWEDISH the exclusive and talented use of one's hands to erotically stimulate
SWM single, white male
TAN tested antibody negative for HIV
TICKET individual who has no intention of participating in swinging activities but is willing to escort another individual
TOYS rubber devises used for sexual stimulation; vibrators, dildos, etc.
TS (transsexual) a person who has either changed their original sex through surgery or is taking hormones to enhance their transformation
TV (transvestite) a person who wears clothes of the oppostie sex, not merely for sexual gratification, but also as a part of one's daily routine
UB2 refers to similarities in cleanliness, discretion, etc.; "you should be, too"
VERSATILE bisexual; refers to ac/dc
VOYEURISM sexual enjoyment gained from watching others engage in sexual activity
WATER SPORTS refers to enema usage for sexual pleasure
WC white couple